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Boost your confidence for your Personal Brand Photography With Lesley Taylor, Life and Confidence Coach.

Updated: Feb 14

We don’t like having our photograph taken do we? Well we don’t do we? I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know! But why do we have such issues with it, surely it should be a pleasure? and if you are in business these days, Personal Brand Photography certainly is a necessity.

Personal Brand Photography In London

But before we get into that, I’ve got to ask how are you doing?...February is meant to be the month of love and isn’t it time we showed a little love towards ourselves. We’ve all had a tough time recently and spent a lot of time caring for others, making sure everyone else is ok, but how about you?

It’s not the beginning to 2021 that we would have wished for, but not I think a massive surprise, that January would begin with a lockdown. I always think January is a funny old month anyway, we long to get back to some kind of normality, after the excesses of Christmas, but we also need to hunker down a bit, to recover and stay out of the cold, and boy, was January cold!

And while we are in our safe space, in our cocoon, it’s a great time to be planning, planning when and how we are going to step forward in the new world! A fresh new website, a reboot on our social media, new copy, new pictures, What’s stopping us???

Oh yes…. its that little thing… confidence! We don’t like having our picture taken, well do we?

Because photography, and pictures of us, is so important and such an investment within our marketing strategy, I really want to help you, if I can, to overcome some of your fears, and so with that in mind I have teamed up with Lesley Taylor Life and Confidence Coach who has put together a fantastic ‘Guide to Confidence’ which can help prepare you for your Personal Branding photo shoot, or any other photo session you may be involved with.

Personal Brand Photography In London

Your Personal Guide to Confidence

Feel Confident & Ready for Your Business Branding Photo Shoot!

Lesley Taylor is an experienced life and confidence coach, ready to help you overcome stress and anxiety and boost your confidence and self-belief. When you feel happy and secure inside it’s easy to take on new and unfamiliar challenges, like a photo shoot, with optimism and a sense of calm. We all want to feel good on the day of our photo shoot, rather than riddled with anxiety about what’s going to happen and how we are going to look in the final pictures.

For example' discuss poses you may want to do ahead of time. Look through magazines and websites and discuss how you may want to stand, sit, kneel, walk, work or play in the images.

Here are a few tips to help you get ready and feel more confident!

1. Plan and book your business branding shoot 1 – 3 months before your desired shoot date. Preparation is the key.

Personal Brand Photography In London

2. Always discuss the plan for your shoot, including the locations and settings with your photographer, so you know what to expect on the day- Collaboration is also Key.

3. Getting to know your photographer before the day of the shoot is really important, so you feel relaxed with them on the day.

Discuss poses you may want to do ahead of time. Look through magazines and websites and discuss how you may want to stand, sit, kneel, walk, work or play in the images.

Consider indoor and outdoor photos if appropriate, to give a sense of lifestyle, plus close-up shots.

4. Be sure that your photographer has access to your website to give him/her a sense of your business colour scheme and vibe.

Also discuss what kind of sentiment you want to evoke with your branding, so that he/she can make recommendations and capture the right atmosphere.

5. Use magazines, Pinterest and other online platforms for hair, nail and make-up ideas.

Remember, you want to make sure you feel comfortable and look natural in your photographs, so think how you might want to appear to your clients in your shots.

If you plan to use a hair dresser then it’s a good idea to show her a picture of your ideal style rather than just telling her on the day of your appointment!

Have your hair coloured, trimmed or cut at least a week or two before your photo shoot and practise your styling thoroughly if you are doing it yourself.

6. Choose your outfit(s) for the shoot well in advance. The number of outfits you require will depend on the nature of your business and how you want to express your brand and personality. Choose clothing that is comfortable and well fitted to your body. Ask your photographer or a stylist if you are unsure about what to wear.

Personal Brand Photography In London

Having a selection of outfits on the day can be very reassuring, including a selection of shoes, jewellery pieces, hair clips/slides, hats, scarves, sun-glasses and other accessories.

Practise dressing up in each outfit in advance of the photo shoot, so you feel happy with how you look and ready to enjoy yourself on the day.

Ensure that the colours on your website blend with the colours of your outfits so you don’t end up with a clash.

If you want a more natural look, then natural colours like whites, neutrals, blues and greens might work well.

Personal Brand Photography In London

If you want something stronger then reds, pinks, blacks and blues might be the right way to go.

Talk to your photographer at any time to clear up any uncertainty or worries you may have.

7. If it would help you to feel more confident on the day, arrange for someone to assist at the shoot, to help you with any changes of outfit and to keep your make-up and hair looking good during the session.

8. Avoid having a spray tan the day before your shoot if you have never had one before! If you want to look tanned, plan this well in advance.

9. Consider other items you may want to use in your shots, such as flowers, books, computer, bikes, coffee mugs, food, brand banners, office areas, pets and outside spaces, depending on your business profile.

Thorough preparation is the key to having an enjoyable experience during your business branding photo shoot and getting a great selection of shots to promote your business.

Personal Brand Photography In London

If you are interested in having a Portraits or Personal Branding session for your business, please feel free to give me a call on 07941 162999 or email and we can chat about your needs.

Also please get in touch with Lesley Taylor (Life & Confidence Coach) if you would like some help prior to the shoot to boost your confidence and ability to engage in and really enjoy the photographic session.

07939 223980.

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