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Unleash Your Brand Magic: How Brand Photography Attracts Your Tribe

Do you long to work with clients who are there because they really get you? You know the ones, those people who get excited when they talk about working with you and become your biggest cheerleaders? The kind of people who when you see their name pop into your inbox, you can’t wait to open the mail and see what they want. 

You may have worked with plenty of people like this before, but what you really want - what we all really want - is for your diary to be full of them! 


That's the beauty of finding your tribe: a community of people who resonate with your brand's story and mission - who understand you and what you do so well that working with them is a pleasure. The better people understand you - from your brand personality, values, visual content, and marketing - the more you’ll attract those people who really get you. So how do we make that happen?


Attract your ideal client with authentic brand positioning


How do you create an online presence that attracts your ideal client? Well, I believe it all starts with understanding your own brand personality and values. 

This is about digging deep and thinking about how you want to present yourself, what is the core purpose that drives your business? Why do you do what you do and what impact do you want to have on the world? I talked about this in my previous post “Attract your audience: how to use storytelling to boost your brand visibility”, here we looked at 5 questions which can help you really understand your brand story. 


 You see, it’s only once you understand your brand personality and your values that you can start building the content which communicates it to the world. And this is where photography becomes your (not-so-) secret weapon! Visual content marketing for your small businesses can be incredibly powerful, because the right visuals will help people engage with you in ways that words alone often can't. 

We all know that people connect with real people and real stories. By showing your brand's unique values and personality through photography, you will attract individuals who share those values and that vision. When you understand what it is that makes you different and brings your tribe to you, you can then let it shine through your visuals.


 Think about it: when you see captivating brand photography that resonates with you, doesn't it make you want to learn more about the business behind the lens? I absolutely do! The right brand photography shows off your personality and values, attracting the right kind of attention - the kind that leads to meaningful connections with your ideal clients.


 Think about all the places your potential clients might see you - your website, social media, articles, video and more. On each of these platforms you want to be able to present yourself in a way that shows people clearly what it’s like to do business with you. 


Think about what you want to show people and how you want them to respond. For example, your photography can show what it’s like to work with you, the behind-the-scenes moments people don’t normally see, or your favourite places to go for inspiration. We all enjoy learning these things about the people we respect and admire, this is how your potential clients will feel, helping them get to know you a little better. 


One of the benefits of working with a professional brand photographer is that they do this all the time. We can work through your values, vision and story with you - helping you get clearer on who you love to work with even if you’ve never thought about it like this before. Gaining this understanding of who you want to work with, how and why, will make it easier for you to present your brand in a way which speaks to your ideal client.

High-quality, authentic brand photography showcases your personality, your values, and the experience you offer.

Ultimately, working with your tribe is a win-win situation. You get to collaborate with passionate individuals who believe in your vision, and they get to experience the magic of your brand. Professional brand photography can really help you build that incredible community, giving you a bank of images which resonate with the people you want to talk to.


My guide, ‘Six ways to boost your visibility and get more clients’ is free and will help you build trust with your audience, increase your visibility, elevate your confidence and save time within your business. Just think how much this could help you build your tribe! You can sign up to get it here now.

And if you’d like to talk through your options for professional photography for your business, you can book something in, by clicking the button below, I’d love to talk!


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