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Useful Resources

Welcome to my curated list of photography resources and partners. Here, i've gathered a collection of websites and organisations that share my passion for photography. Whether you're a budding photographer, a seasoned pro, or simply looking to explore the world of photography, you'll find valuable resources and inspiration from our trusted partners.


Feel free to explore these links and expand your photography horizons.

Photography Resources

London Photography Organisation: Stay updated on upcoming events and feeds related to photography.

London Photography Organisation

SheClicks: Explore the world of photography from a female perspective.


Royal Photographic Society (RPS): Connect with a community of passionate photographers.


The Societies: Join a network of photographers and advance your skills.

The Societies

British Photography: Celebrate the art of photography with the British Photography community.

British Photography

V&A Photography Centre: Immerse yourself in the world of photography at the V&A.

V&A Photography Centre

The Photographers' Gallery: Explore contemporary photography at The Photographers' Gallery.

The Photographers' Gallery

Who I Work With

The Femtrepreneur: Partner with a dynamic community for female entrepreneurs.

The Femtrepreneur

Gillian Devine: Collaborate with Gillian Devine for creative projects.

Gillian Devine

Sharon Davidson: Experience personalised services from Sharon Davidson.

Sharon Davidson

Virtually Done PA: Explore virtual assistant services at Virtually Done PA.

Virtually Done PA

Myriad Services: Elevate your projects with Myriad Services' expertise.

Myriad Services

Writer For You: Collaborate with Writer For You for professional writing services.

Writer For You


  1. Scouty: Discover unique locations for your projects with Scouty.

  2. Scouty

  3. Styled Home Studios: Elevate your photography in creatively styled home studios.

  4. Styled Home Studios

  5. Cedar Park Location House: Explore inspiring locations on Cedar Park's Instagram.

  6. Cedar Park Location House


Workshops and Attractions

  1. New Shoots Photography Training: Enhance your photography skills with specialized training.

  2. New Shoots Photography Training

  3. Borough Market: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Borough Market.

  4. Borough Market

  5. Southwark Cathedral: Experience the intersection of history and photography at Southwark Cathedral.

  6. Southwark Cathedral

  7. TripAdvisor - New Shoots Photography Training: Read reviews and plan your photography journey with TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor - New Shoots Photography Training

I hope you find these photography resources valuable in your creative journey. As a  passionate photographer  I  believe in the power of community and collaboration. Feel free to click through the links and explore the exciting world of photography. If you'd like to partner with me or have your website featured here, please contact me


Happy photographing!

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