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Why You Should Get a Brand Shoot!

Updated: Feb 14

Hi there, I know many of you may question whether you should be investing right now in getting new imagery for marketing in your business, especially with the cost of living going up and up. But actually if you really want to keep attracting new clients, which let's face it, is more important than ever, then up to date, on brand imagery, that communicates with your ideal clients is vital.

Brand Shoot

The point is, in the current climate we all need to be on top of our game, and having recent imagery professional is not just a sound investment but it will also make money for your business too.

Here are just some of the reasons you need to organise a Personal Brand session.

Brand Shoot

8 Reasons to Book your Personal Brand Photography Shoot

1. It's really important to make a connection with your ideal client and you can do this through the imagery you use within our brand. The right visuals will increase the levels of know, like and trust with your audience - just think about how much more you get to know someone through images of them rather than just text.

2. When you put new images of yourself out, they tend to attract more notice, which will increase your visibility, awareness of your brand and your presence both on and offline.

3. As your business evolves the look and feel of your brand changes too, the message also can sometimes change and if your images aren't aligned with your values it can be really confusing for your customer and put them off buying from you. Up to date imagery will accurately portray your brand story, mission, personality and values.

4. We all want our business's to stand out and there is lots of competition out there, so it's important to be noticed in a crowded market, showcasing your unique properties and personalities will attract clients, the ideal clients; get more bookings; sell more products and ultimately make more money.

Brand Shoot

5. Beautiful on brand photographs of you and your business will almost certainly increase your levels of confidence and self worth. Clients regularly say how much more confident they feel and that they are more empowered in their own business.

It makes them feel more professional and businesslike and enables them to feel in control of their business. In that way it can alter their perception of their own business - clients have reported taking themselves and their business more seriously.

And if you feel more confident and see your business in a more positive light, it will certainly have the same effect on your audience, who will have more confidence in your ability to help them achieve their goals too.

6. Professional imagery will attract more attention toward your brand from collaborators, investors and strategic alliances. We are all looking to increase the business that we do, and collaborations can really help in this area. If you look professional and your values are communicated clearly through your branding, then the opportunity to work with others who are aligned to you increases.

7. The branding process overall will give higher levels of clarity to your business with the direction of your business, your goals, targets, dreams and aspirations. With that higher level of clarity clients have reported that they feel clearer on their own brand and how to portray their brand giving a clearer more authentic message to potential clients.

8. Having a bank of imagery will without doubt save you time as well as stress. You no longer have to search and scrabble for stock images or badly taken selfies as you will have a ready made bank of images to pull from for all of your needs. Giving you more time to to look after other aspects of your business.

Brand Shoot

There are so many more reasons to bite the bullet and have some new branding images, than there are those reasons stopping us. So make a list of all the visual gaps in your marketing and start planning what you need from your branding shoot - take a breathe and book one!

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