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What is Branding Photography?

Updated: Feb 14

When I’m out and about and people ask me what I do? Often when I reply they look at me blankly, and have either never heard of branding photography or really don’t understand what it is, so I thought I’d briefly tell you what personal branding Photography actually means and why businesses really need it!

Branding Photography

What is Brand Photography?

Many companies and entrepreneurs are now using Brand Photography to use in the marketing of their businesses. Brand photography is a collection of professionally shot images that represent the look and the feel of a brand. This type of photography focuses on storytelling, and it communicates to your ideal client: who you are, what you do, and how it feels to work with you. This will make your business stand out from the crowd because, done properly, it should be unique to you and your business. Every shoot should be built through collaboration between the photographer and the client and through careful choice of themes relevant to the story of the individual and business, creating a consistent treasure chest of images that showcase their brand, their values, their goals and what they want to offer and achieve for their clients.

We aren’t only showing the portraits of the business owner or products and services in the imagery, but taking a much more personal approach using beautiful imagery. Our photographs may show, not only, our entrepreneur at work, but at play too, with their friends and family, showing who they really are and what’s important to them. Expanding their story and values in a way that will show what their personal and business brand is about.

Branding Photography

Sharing your story and values to your ideal client with imagery is crucial in todays world, not just because we are now living in a visual age where people want the instant gratification of looking at imagery rather than scrolling through a lot of copy but because we are much more savvy at actually reading imagery.

Here are 5 reasons using Brand Photography is essential in your marketing your business ….

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Brand Photography!

1) By using Brand Photography you can increase levels of know, like and trust in your audience. People are much less likely to invest their time and money in someone they can’t see. – Part of the know, like and trust factor is building a relationship with your client, people don’t want to buy from strangers, they want to get to know, like and trust you first and to do this they need to see who they are buying from. You need to build their trust by being seen consistently in various media, they need to recognise the values you stand for and see the kind of life you lead. Think about how much more you get to know someone through visuals and images of them, rather than just text.

2) Branding Photography will increase visibility, awareness and presence both off and online. By having a beautiful treasure chest of brand imagery not only can you ensure your website has fantastic imagery on it to encourage your ideal audience to stick around, but you will have a great choice of amazing imagery for your social media. You may get the opportunity of a magazine article about you and your business and having a full set of images to provide is always a plus or you may wish to use imagery on flyers, postcards or even business cards, the opportunities to use imagery is endless.

Branding Photography

3) Accurately portray your brand story, mission, personality and values by using Brand Photography, this is important because if you want to build up your relationship with potential clients they need to understand who you are and what your values are to see if they align with their own. Branding photography is really a collaboration between photographer and client to ensure the images reflect your personality, your story and mission as well as your values with clarity, making it much more likely for your ideal client to feel confident in doing business with you.

4) There is fierce competition out there and what's for sure these days, is if your business doesn’t look professional, if potential clients can’t see who they are dealing with, you will lose out on business. Branding Photography enables brands to stand out from the competition, stand out in a crowded market place, and showcase their unique properties and personality. If the photography in your social media feeds and website are beautiful and inspiring to people, then they are much more likely to stop and take a look, if there is consistency in the imagery and they clearly tell the story about you and your business then you will be standing head and shoulders over your competitors.

Branding Photography

5) Without doubt those businesses that use Branding Photography are more likely to attract more clients, the ideal clients, get more bookings, sell more products and make more money. Why, because of the of the last 4 points I have raised here; your know like and trust is increased, your visibility to your ideal client has increased, people can recognise if your values and personality is aligned to them and you look like a professional and legitimate business, not a business just using stock images, which don’t offer any real clarity about who you are and often give the business a temporary feel. Not to mention all the time you save by having an amazing treasure chest of imagery in your back pocket to use whenever you want!

There are many more reasons to use a Branding Photographer which I will be sharing on my social media posts, in the meantime If you’d like to bring your brand bang up to date for 2023, then please get in touch x

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