"I believe everyone deserves
beautiful creative imagery within their business.”

About Me


Hello, just a quick word about me and why we should work together!

I’ve been taking pictures all my life, it’s my passion. I began shooting with film, processing them myself, feeling the nerves, excitement and relief in turn. Things have changed somewhat now and I like many other photographers have embraced digital technology and its versatility. I have a Degree and a Master’s degree in photography and have spent my whole life working in the photography industry. Working for many newspapers and magazines and having work published for a variety of publications and digital media. I also regularly exhibit my work and have in the past had work shown in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

I’m quite a sociable soul and like just hanging out with people, and so taking portraits is really an extension of that. Whether photographing families, or helping businesses producing images to match their branding,

I want to create beautiful, natural and flattering portraits, capturing someone’s character and allowing their personality to be caught in the frame.

It’s so important ‘your’ clients can see what you’re offering them and who they’ll be dealing with and

I can help you with that. When we’re running our own businesses it can be difficult, juggling work and family,

so flexibility in shoot times, is clearly important, making sure it works for you and your business.


  Giving you the ‘on brand’ beautiful imagery you desire, easily, without the barriers.

Many of my clients are small business owners and solo-preneurs, who expect their photographer

to help them to establish a visual brand that can communicate their values and their qualities.

They have a high quality brand and want that reflected in their imagery, and visual branding that will

add value to their business and directly impact their audience numbers.

I believe all my work is a collaboration with my client, telling their story and preserving their memories, creating an enjoyable experience for everyone and by building trust and forming a relationship making the best photographs for your needs.

I know am one of the luckiest people in the world having photography as my job, getting to meet some wonderful people who never cease to make me smile. So If you’d like to make me smile and want me to take photographs for you or if you have any ideas for a project you would like to work on with me, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you






This is your investment in your business, up to date personal branding photography is vital to marketing, it’s important to remember people buy from people.

Because every business is different, I know all your needs are different, consultations have always been key in my mind to creating gorgeous on brand imagery for businesses. Every shoot is a collaboration with my clients, we brainstorm together, coming up with the branding strategy that will reach their desired clients, making sure we have identified the right locations, props, style and feel, that is totally you for your personal branding shoot!

This is about you and your business, so we will spend time within your business, capturing you at work with your clients. Behind the scenes, your routines, daily inspirations, if you feel it is relevant to your brand, we can show your home and family life, and even check out your favourite hang outs too.

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