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How Can you use your Treasure Chest of Brand Photography ?

Updated: Feb 14

So, you’re wondering whether to have a branding shoot, or more to the point, you’re thinking; ‘do I really need to have a brand shoot... why do I need one?’

 Brand Photography

Well if you hadn’t noticed ... you need to be noticed! It’s a very busy world out there and you need to show yourself. When competition is hot, you need to find ways to connect with your ideal client and show them your values are aligned with theirs. And making sure your brand and brand photography is right for your business is a vital part of that, in today’s competitive climate.

Your next response might be ‘I don't need much, a couple of headshots will probably be enough…’

You will probably actually need more than just a couple of headshots, and here’s just a few reasons why.

 Brand Photography


You will, I’m assuming be needing a website. The place people visit to check your legit. When your audience arrive on your Home Page, the first thing they should see is a hero image of you, that is totally on brand for your business. This should appear before they need to start scrolling, your potential clients will want to start building an instant connection with you. Its ‘the know like and trust that I’m always banging on about and the easiest way to do this is for them to see the face of the brand, by seeing you! The best authentic you, that reflects the brand you represent in the best way…a selfie is just not going to cut it here.

I know it may sound a bit scary, but by biting the bullet and investing time and money into making sure you have the right brand imagery on your website, can really make all the difference, to people pausing, looking around and potentially buying from you, rather than scrolling on by, because they can’t see who they might do business with.

It doesn’t stop there, you will also need an image on your About Page, an equally awesome variation of you or possibly if you work with others, your team. It’s all about your audience, getting to know about you, your business and who they may be dealing with, don’t give up the opportunity to engage with them and form a connection with them. Here you can use a mixture of looking straight to camera portraits to connect, with some more relaxed lifestyle images of you, letting them get to know you and telling your brand story and giving them an insight into who you are.

Whether you are selling a product or service you will also need to include images of what you are selling and keeping the imagery fitting with the same visual branded style so it all looks cohesive and on brand. Some people also include photo’s on their contact page too. You can be sure it’s unlikely you will only need a few headshot on your website.


Beyond your website, your Personal Brand Photography Treasure chest of imagery, is vital for your socials. We may not like it, but we do need to be posting regularly and consistently

 Brand Photography

on our chosen platforms, and it can be pretty time consuming if we are constantly searching for images which may not even reflect our brand properly. Whereas, what can be better for you, than having a stack of images on your desktop to choose from? Showing you at your best, what your business is about, your products or services, a behind the scenes view of you and your business and even some images of you in your leisure time, really letting them get to know the real you. Confident they reflect you and your business perfectly, it'll save time, save stress and ultimately it'll free you up to do other work within your company.

Many businesses forget to post images of themselves regularly in their socials, but statistically those that do, often get more attention. Your audience want to see you and get to know you!

Online material

We often forget about other business materiel, like welcome brochures, workbooks, graphics, lead magnets and email marketing not to mention when you may need images of yourself for guest expert spots and podcasts, amongst other things, which all need extra choices of imagery. Some simple images of you and your services and associated imagery, can really lift materiel you are sending out to another level, making it seem not only much more professional, but also give a more personal connection to those you are serving.

 Brand Photography

Printed Matter

There are times when we want to reach beyond the virtual world and create printed matter. Sending brochures, postcards and flyers can just be the icing on the cake for some potential clients when it’s all about keeping in yourself upper most in their minds. Using professional imagery, and creating beautiful printed matter can ensure it doesn’t end up straight in the bin.


There are many alternative ways to market yourselves, including getting published in a magazine, it’s always an advantage to have a selection of high quality photographs to offer the magazine as they don’t always have the budget to send photographers out for all articles and this might give you the edge over other potential stories available to the publication.

 Brand Photography

It’s important to invest in the arsenal of marketing materiel you will need to reach your ideal client and Personal Brand Photography can give you enough materiel to cover all the areas I have mentioned ‘A Treasure Chest of Imagery’ isn’t a luxury or a nice to have – if you are going into business it is an essential part of building your brand. Remember you need to be seen multiple times to be remembered so you need to ensure you are visible!

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....or if you want to chat through your options for professional photography for your business or how you might be able to use branding photos effectively in your business, I’d love you to get in touch.

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